About Lush Vibes Radio

Ambient music in its basic form places emphasis on sound patterns and atmospheric sounds over standard set melodic patterns, but we’ve seen as time has gone by the influence of ambient in popular music as well as a litany of other genres, inasmuch as ambient has been influenced by a number of music genres, past and present. Ambient elements can be found in genres as common as modern pop, jazz, EDM and it’s various forms, and in genres you would least expect, such as folk and classical/orchestral music.

Lush Vibes Radio looks to explore the meshing of these not so disparate worlds, and highlight songs that take their given genre and explore the boundaries of the bold, wide, atmospheric sounds of ambient, whether it’s through sounds of nature, the droning and filtering of analog and digital synthesizers, sampled elements, generous usage of reverb, echo, chorus, and/or delay effects, or through artful layering of organic instruments. Not meant to be another chillout show, Lush Vibes Radio will have song sets that will at times push that boundary, often leaning towards instrumental tracks but not exclusively. Emphasis will be placed on the use of headphones for a richer, more immersive sonic experience.

To put it in more concise terms, Lush Vibes Radio is a celebration of all the music that drones, echoes, reverberates, layers, pans, swells, shimmers, glimmers, shines, chimes, or tests, even pushes past the boundaries of the stereophonic and audible spectrums.