Episode 21

Episode 21 showcases some of the more hazy sounding indie acts that took part in the recent New Colossus Festival in the Lower East Side, then closes out the show with a layer of downtempo R&B and guitar vibes. Originally aired March 13th, 2019.


Baywaves – “Over Time”
Motel Raphaël – “System”
St Woods – “On Me”
Lev Snowe – “When I Look Back”
Lowly – “baglaens”
PYNKIE – “Dew ♥ – Lo-Fi Version”
Lost Cousins – “Quarters”
Jaunt – “Hello”
Theodore, Koloto – “Towards? – Koloto Remix”
Graham Van Pelt – “Release Yourself”
Greentea Peng – “Mind”
Nicotine’s Famous Honey, Nicotine – “The First Time”
Omar Apollo – “Unbothered”
Gus Dapperton – “I’m Just Snacking”
Lapalux – “Midnight Peelers”
Moonchild – “Let You Go”