Episode 28

Originally aired May 1st, 2019. Episode 28 features great new music from April that didn’t make it into last week’s Fresh Vibes episode, some lush female R&B, and an extended set of Lofi Hip Hop to close out the episode and end the night on a chill note. Featuring music by Flying Lotus and Little Dragon, Willow Smith, Blak Emoji, SZA, and more!


Flying Lotus, Little Dragon – “Spontaneous”
Toy√© – “Attitude”
KING – “Don’t Let Me Down”
Tash, JON VINYL – “Euphemism”
Vels Trio – “Godzilla”
Pecas – “T-Shirt”
Willow Smith – “Wait a Minute!”
SZA – “Sweet November”
Rhye – “Please – Jeff Samuel Remix”
Snacks – “Daydream”
Seven Diosma – “Eggs (Breakfast)”
omniboi – “Minute Hand”
Potatohead People – “Late Show Theme”
H.1 – “Nothing changes: everything is different”
Sarah, the Illstrumentalist – “Special Friend”
Martyn Heyne – “2400”
Blak Emoji – “Poison to Medicine”