Episode 5

Originally aired November 21st, 2018. No theme for this episode, just a few new tracks and some easy vibes.

Marcioz ft. Slow Shudder – “INTERSTELLAR!”
DYLN – “Without You”
Rob Araujo – “Nineteen”
Slotta – “Dare to Dream (Slotta Remix)”
India Shawn, Alex Isley, Ré Lxuise – “Water Me”
Late Night Alumni – “Constellations”
RY X – “Bound”
Praful – “Sigh”
Laxcity – “Cherish”
Sleepdealer ft. Gudo Rewinds – “Back In Tokyo”
Rhi – “The Same”
J Dilla ft. Common and D’Angelo – “So Far to Go”
Glass Animals – “Gooey”
Radiohead – “Weird Fishes/Arpeggi”